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Heba Kadry
GenresIndie rock, noise rock, alternative rock, psychedelic rock, shoegazing, dream pop
Occupation(s)Mastering Engineer

Heba Kadry is an Egyptian mastering engineer who currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.[1][2][3] She is best known for her work with Bjork, Beach House, The Mars Volta, Neon Indian, Wooden Shjips, Lightning Bolt, White Hills, Alex G, Future Islands, Liturgy, !!!, White Lung, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, and The Hotelier.[4][5] Kadry worked as a staff engineer at SugarHill Recording Studios from 2005 to 2006.[6] She serves as Chief Mastering Engineer at Timeless Mastering in New York City.

Selected discography[edit]

Year Artist Title
2018 Daughters You Won't Get What You Want
2018 Gang Gang Dance Kazuashita
2018 Steve Hauschildt Dissolvi
2018 serpentwithfeet Soil
2018 John Maus John Maus
2018 Ryuichi Sakamoto Ff2
2017 Björk Utopia
2017 Emel Mathlouthi Ensen
2017 Austra Future Politics[7]
2016 Leyla McCalla A Day for the Hunter, a Day for the Prey
2016 Bombino Azel
2016 Katie Gately Color
2016 Essaie Pas Demain Est une Autre Nuit
2016 Debo Band Ere Gobez
2016 DIANA Familiar Touch
2016 The Hotelier Goodness
2016 Fudge Lady Parts
2016 Daddy Let Me Get What I Want
2016 Wrekmeister Harmonies Light Falls
2016 Sam Evian Premium
2016 Slim Cessna's Auto Club The Commandments According to SCAC
2016 Oozing Wound Whatever Forever
2016 !!! As If
2015 Alex G Beach Music
2015 Grooms Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair
2015 Rabit Communion
2015 Tamaryn Cranekiss
2015 Patrick Higgins Bachanalia
2015 Indian Handcrafts Creeps
2015 Suicideyear Dream 727: Japan + Remembrance
2015 Lightning Bolt Fantasy Empire
2015 Eternal Summers Gold and Stone
2015 Larry Gus I Need New Eyes
2015 No Joy More Faithful
2015 Princess Century Progress
2015 Prefuse 73 Rivington Não Rio
2015 Marriages Salome
2015 Sick Feeling Suburban Myth
2015 Beach House Thank Your Lucky Stars
2015 White Hills Walks for Motorists
2015 Zs XE
2014 The Hidden Cameras AGE
2014 Magic Man Before the Waves
2014 Black Pus / Oozing Wound Black Pus / Oozing Wound
2014 The Skull Defekts Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown
2014 White Lung Deep Fantasy
2014 Oozing Wound Earth Suck
2014 Wunder Wunder Everything Infinite
2014 Nothing Guilty of Everything
2014 Pontiak Innocence
2014 Olga Bell Krai
2014 Rhyton Kykeon
2014 The Caribbean Moon Sickness
2014 Beach Day Native Echoes
2014 Xeno & Oaklander Par Avion
2014 People Get Ready Physiques
2014 Frontier Ruckus Sitcom Afterlife
2014 Thalia Zedek Six
2014 Guardian Alien Spiritual Emergency
2014 Evian Christ Waterfall
2013 Sidi Touré Alafia
2013 Black Pus All My Relations
2013 Ski Lodge Big Heart
2013 The Body Christs, Redeemers
2013 Plankton Wat Drifter's Temple
2013 Zs Grain
2013 Cy Dune No Recognize
2013 Patrick Higgins String Quartet No. 2; Glacia
2014 Regal Degal Pyramid Bricks
2013 Oozing Wound Retrash
2013 The Hidden Cameras AGE
2014 White Hills So You Are... So You'll Be
2013 Survival Survival
2014 Diamond Terrifier The Subtle Body Wears a Shadow
2013 Zomes Time Was
2013 Beach Day Trip Trap Attack
2013 Jamaican Queens Wormfood
2012 Eternal Tapestry A World Out of Time
2012 Moon Duo Circles
2012 Indian Handcrafts Civil Disobedience for Losers
2012 Colin L. Orchestra Col
2012 K-Holes Dismania
2012 Pontiak Echo Ono
2012 White Hills Frying on This Rock
2012 ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead Lost Songs
2012 The Mars Volta Noctourniquet
2012 Callers Reviver
2012 The Sea and Cake Runner
2012 Guardian Alien See the Wold Given to a One Love Entity
2012 Plankton Wat Spirits
2012 Lotus Plaza Spooky Action at a Distance
2011 Liturgy Aesthethica
2011 Eternal Tapestry Beyond the 4th Door
2011 Zechs Marquise Getting Paid
2011 Thank You Golden Worry
2011 White Hills H-P1
2011 Colin L. Orchestra Infinite Ease/Good God
2011 Eternal Tapestry / Sun Araw Night Gallery
2011 Xray Eyeballs Not Nothing
2011 The Skull Defekts Peer Amid
2011 Weekend Red
2011 Wooden Shjips West
2010 Future Islands In Evening Air
2007 White Hills Glitter Glamour Atrocity


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