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The Hebbel am Ufer (HAU) is a theater and international performance center based in Berlin, Germany. It was founded fusioning 3 theaters in Kreuzberg, Berlin: Hebbel Theater (now called HAU1), Theater am Halleschen Ufer (theater at Hallesches Ufer) (now called HAU2) and Theater am Ufer (now called HAU3).

Its artistic director since 2012 is Annemie Vanackere. Founding director was Matthias Lilienthal, who also invented the international best selling theater project "X Homes" (also known as "X Apartments").

The Hebbel am Ufer is being founded with 4 million euros by the State of Berlin and by different Berlin and German wide foundations and organizations. Its mission is to protect and support the tradition of the Hebbel Theater. Which is to provide space and infrastructure for different international and national theater, dance and performance events.

The HAU is known for international productions in diverse performance arts. Especially for younger generations of theater enthusiasts, HAU has become an important part of the cultural life in Germany.

Artists (examples)[edit]

Peaches, Gob Squad, Jerôme Bel, Neco Çelik, Big Art Group, Alvis Hermanis, Shermin Langhoff, Constanza Macras, Richard Maxwell, Xavier Leroy, Norton.Commander.Productions, Rimini Protokoll, Jochen Roller, Christoph Schlingensief, She She Pop, The Wooster Group, Baktruppen, alexandliane, newfrontears.

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