Hebei Daily

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Hebei Daily
TypeDaily newspaper
FormatPrint, online
Owner(s)Communist Party of China (Hebei branch)
PublisherHebei Daily Newspaper Group

Hebei Daily (Chinese: 河北日報; pinyin: Hébĕi rìbào) is the official newspaper of the Hebei branch of the Communist Party of China.

History and profile[edit]

Hebei Daily was established in 1949.[1] It is edited in the provincial capital Shijiazhuang and printed in 11 cities every morning. This newspaper is broadsheet, often with 16 pages. Its report is focused on daily activities of Provincial Communist Leaders (such as Provincial Party Secretary Bai Keming) and the social and economic development of the province.

As a newspaper mainly for propaganda purposes, it is circulated in the government departments, state-owned companies, and military units. It lacks popularity among citizens, as they generally think the report is boring.

Its publisher is Hebei Daily Newspaper Group, which owns Yanzhao Metropolis Daily, a popular tabloid.

Hebei Daily has an internet edition where all of the Group's newspapers can be read.


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