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Hebei Television (HEBTV)
Type Broadcast
Country People's Republic of China
Official website

Hebei Television (HEBTV), (simplified Chinese: 河北电视台; traditional Chinese: 河北電視台; pinyin: Héběi Diànshìtái) is a television network in Hebei province and all parts of the Beijing and Tianjin television viewing areas. Hebei Television also covers parts of Shandong, Henan and Shaanxi provinces and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. More than 120 million people enjoy access to the programs the television provides. Hebei Television has two channels, broadcasting 136 hours of programs and rebroadcasts programs from two other television stations. Besides, HEBTV broadcasts 2 hours of programs to North America each month via the Oriental Satellite Television. [1]


  • HEBTV-1- A comprehensive channel, which broadcasts news, programs in the arts, movies and plays
  • HEBTV-2- Focuses on the economy
  • HEBTV-3 (HEBTV-都市) – City
    • Major programs: City Life (Dushi Shenghuo), Sports News (Tiyu Xinwen)
  • HEBTV-4 (HEBTV-影视) – Movie & Television
    • Major Programs: Circulation of Entertainment (Ying shi quan), Movie World (Ying shi da shi jie), Movie & TV Dictionary (Ying shi bao dian)
  • HEBTV-5 (HEBTV-少儿科教) – Children & Education
    • Major Programs: Military Files (Jun shi dang an), Growing (Cheng zhang), Children World (Shao er tian di), SF Movie Review (Kehuan yingshi shangxi)
  • HEBTV-6 (HEBTV-公共) – Public
    • Major Programs: Happy 50 mins (Kuaile 50 fen), Law Time (Fazhi tian di), Chatroom (Liao tian shi)
  • HEBTV-Farmer (HEBTV-农民) – Farmer & Agriculture
    • Major Programs: San nong zui qian xian

The television station has three studios. Both the 800-square-meter and 400-square-meter studios are equipped with digital devices.


  • Let's Go Together
  • Perhaps Love
Couple List

Season 3 (2016)


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