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Hebrew Institute of Boro Park (HIBP, also known as Yeshivas Etz Chaim/Etz Hayim) is a defunct private school in New York City. It was the first Jewish day school in Borough Park, Brooklyn.


Founded in 1916,[1] the school was the first yeshiva (Jewish day school) in Borough Park.[2] It was located at 5000 13th Avenue.[3]


During its heyday, the school had three parallel classes through grade 6, and two parallel classes for grades 7 and 8.[4] The loss of a class was partly due to those parents who subsequently sent their sons to (public) Junior High School. It went from having approximately 600 students during the mid-1960s to an estimated 200 students by 1970, by which time Etz Chaim's building was sold and the proceeds were used to establish a foundation to support religious education.


  • Rabbi Israel D. Lerner[5]
  • Rabbi Moshe I. Shulman[6]
  • Max Kufeld, 1st English Principal[7]
  • Mrs. Bella Nemiroff, (unofficial) English Principal
  • Dr. Hochberg (principal after Israel Lerner)
  • Rabbi Jerome Karlin (principal 1970 - 1977)
  • Rabbi Akiva Wadler (1978 - final year of the school)

Other yeshivas[edit]

By the time the yeshiva closed, the area was becoming more Hasidic. However, the area still featured two other long-time non-Hasidic schools; Shulamith, a girls' school on the same block,[8] and another boys school, Toras Emes, which was seven blocks away.[9] Both these schools later moved to Flatbush.

Notable students[edit]


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