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The Hebrew University Bible Project (HUBP) is a project to create the first edition of the Hebrew Bible that reproduces the text of the Aleppo Codex and includes a thorough critical apparatus.[1][2]

It was begun in 1956 by Moshe Goshen-Gottstein, assisted by Chaim Rabin (who succeeded him as editor-in-chief) and Shemaryahu Talmon (who succeeded him).

The text reproduced in this edition is the Aleppo Codex; the full masora in that manuscript is included, but not massora from other sources. Footnotes record textual variants from a wide range of sources. These include:

  • Rabbinic works, including the two Talmuds and various midrashim (many examined for this purpose for the first time).

The editors add comments in English and Hebrew.

So far, the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel have been published.

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