Hebron University

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Hebron University
Established 1971
Type Public University
President Dr. Salah Alzaroo
Administrative staff
108 PHD, 61 MSC
Undergraduates 8076
Location Hebron, Palestinian territories
Website www.hebron.edu

Hebron University

A group of citizens in the city of Hebron, headed by mayor Sheikh Mohammad ‘Ali Al-Ja’bari, wished to establish a university there. This was after the rest of Palestine came under Israeli occupation in 1967. Hebron University was established with the Islamic Shari’a College in 1971, the first educational institution for university education in Palestine. Forty-three students of both sexes joined the college from different parts of Palestine.


The University has a registration policy open to students from every segment of Palestinian society. It has a special financial aid program that provides grants and loans to needy students, and waives tuition fees.

As of 2015 there were 132 full-time faculty members, including 96 Ph.D. holders and 42 MA holders. In addition there are 186 supportive faculty members. There are nine Faculties at Hebron University: Islamic Law (Al-Shari`a), Arts, Science and Technology, Agriculture, Education, Finance and Management, Nursing, and Pharmacy and Graduate Studies. All Faculties offer B.A. or B.Sc. degrees. The Faculty of Graduate Studies offers M.A. and M.Sc. degrees in eight programs: Arabic language and literature, Islamic judiciary, Plant Protection, Natural Agricultural Resources and their Sustainable Management, Business Administration MBA, Applied Linguistics and the Teaching of English Language, History, and Fundamentals of Islamic Law - Usol Al Deen.[citation needed]

Hebron University Museum

There is a museum in the university.[1]

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