Hecho Aragonese

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Hecho Aragonese
Native to Aragon, Spain
Region Hecho Valley
Native speakers
660 (date missing)[citation needed]
Official status
Recognised minority
language in
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog None
Mapa situazión cheso.svg

Hecho Aragonese, or Cheso, is a Western Aragonese variety spoken in the Hecho Valley of Northern Aragon.


Hecho Aragonese is one of Western Aragonese's most preserved varieties and it could be said that Cheso Aragonese, along with Aragüés Aragonese, is just one of several varieties of the language.

Sociocultural aspects[edit]

Geographical situation[edit]

Cheso Aragonese is spoken within Hecho Valley, in 'La Jacetania' county, Hecho being its main village.

Social situation[edit]

It is the Western Aragonese variety that has its most defined features in comparison to other dialects. Today it is one of the most vital Aragonese dialects and it has been estimated that there are 658 speakers: 526 in Hecho and Ciresa villages and 132 neighbors that live outside of the valley itself.


Cheso Aragonese has been one of the modern Aragonese dialects with the most literary production. Among its most famous writers, we find Rosario Ustáriz. One of the most famous texts in Cheso Aragonese is the song "S'ha feito de nuey", written by Pepe Lera and published in the magazine Fuellas, edited by Consello d'a Fabla Aragonesa (FUELLAS, nº 20, nov-dec 1980).

S'ha feito de nuey

(Cheso orthography)

S'ha feito de nuey.

Tu m'aguardas ya.

Lo peito me brinca'n

tornarte a besar.

Lo nuestro querer

no se crebará

anque charren muito

y te fagan plorar.

Yo no'n quiero vier

güellos de cristal

mulláus por glarimas

que culpa no han.

Escuita, muller,

dixa de plorar.

Yo siempre he estau tuyo,

tu mía has d'estar.

Dicen qu'un querer

ye de dos, no más,

y que ye más fácil

ferlo caminar,

cuando l'uno caye,

l'otro a devantar.

Cuando l'uno caye,

l'otro a devantar;

s'ha feito de nuey,

tu m'aguardas ya,

lo peito me brinca,

te quiero besar!

Pepe Lera, Hecho, August 1980

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