Hector Bianciotti

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Hector Bianciotti
Hector Bianciotti.jpg
Born(1930-03-18)18 March 1930
Died12 June 2012(2012-06-12) (aged 82)
Paris, France

Hector Bianciotti (French pronunciation: ​[ɛktɔʁ bjɑ̃ʃoti]; 18 March 1930 – 12 June 2012)[1] was an Argentine-born French author and member of the Académie française.[2]


Born Héctor Bianciotti (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈektoɾ βjanˈtʃoti]) in Calchin Oeste in Córdoba Province, Argentina, Bianciotti's parents were immigrants from Piedmont, who communicated among themselves in the dialect of that region but who forbade its use with their son. Instead, they spoke Spanish to him. Bianciotti began his study of French in 1945. He arrived in France in 1961 and completed his French naturalization in 1981. In 1982, he stopped writing in any language but French, his favorite.

Bianciotti was elected to the Académie française on 18 January 1996 to Seat 2, succeeding André Frossard.

He died on 12 June 2012.[3]

Honours and awards[edit]


  • 1967: Les Déserts dorés: (Denoël)
  • 1969: Celle qui voyage la nuit: (Denoël)
  • 1970: Les Autres, un soir d’été: (Gallimard)
  • 1972: Ce moment qui s’achève: (Denoël)
  • 1977: Le Traité des saisons: (Gallimard)
  • 1982: L’Amour n’est pas aimé: (Gallimard)
  • 1985: Sans la miséricorde du Christ: (Gallimard)
  • 1988: Seules les larmes seront comptées.: (Gallimard)
  • 1992: Ce que la nuit raconte au jour (What the Night Tells the Day) : (Grasset) ISBN 1565842405
  • 1995: Le Pas si lent de l’amour: (Grasset)
  • 1999: Comme la trace de l’oiseau dans l’air: (Grasset)
  • 2001: Une passion en toutes lettres: (Gallimard)
  • 2003: La nostalgie de la maison de Dieu: (Gallimard)


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