Hedda Wrangel

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Hedda Wrangel. By Carl Fredric von Breda 1810.

Anna Hedvig "Hedda" Wrangel née Lewenhaupt (11 December 1792 in Forstena – 24 July 1833, in Ovesholm) was a Swedish composer.

Hedda Wrangel was the daughter of colonel count Gustaf Julius Lewenhaupt and Anna Helena Alströmer, and married in 1810 at Karlberg Palace to the courtier Baron Henning Wrangel af Adinal. Her husband was known for his hot temperament, love life and duels. The couple mainly lived at Sperlingsholm manor. She had no children.

Esaias Tegnér portrayed her in a poem (1827) in which he wrote: "When she sings, oh, breathing stops, and the tongue of gossip itself fall silent." After her death, Fredrika Bremer commented: "She flew through life as a dithyramb."

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