Hede von Trapp

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Hede von Trapp
Born November 18, 1877
Pula, Austria-Hungary
Died December 29, 1947(1947-12-29) (aged 70)
Korneuburg, Austria
Nationality Austrian
Known for Poetry
Graphic design
Movement Art Nouveau

Hede von Trapp (1877 – 1947) was an Austrian poet, painter and graphic designer of the Art Nouveau movement.


She was the daughter of the August von Trapp, who only a year earlier (1876) had been raised to Austrian knighthood. Her younger brother was the U-boat commander Georg Ritter von Trapp (1880–1947), father of the Trapp singing family portrayed in The Sound of Music. Hede Trapp worked as a writer and poet. She studied in the master class of the Berlin painter Erich Ludwig Stahl. From 1909, she started to illustrate her own books. In July 1911, she had an exhibition with 70 pen drawings and etchings in the Miethke Gallery in Vienna. In 1914, she participated from 1 February to 31 March at the International Exhibition in the Kunsthalle Bremen. She lived and worked in Korneuburg, where the Hede-von-Trapp-Straße is named after her.