Hedemora gammelgård

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Hedemora gammelgård
Hedemora gammelgård loftboden och sterset 2014-06-01.jpg
Established12 June 1915 (1915-06-12)
LocationHedemora, Sweden
Coordinates60°17′3″N 15°58′41″E / 60.28417°N 15.97806°E / 60.28417; 15.97806Coordinates: 60°17′3″N 15°58′41″E / 60.28417°N 15.97806°E / 60.28417; 15.97806
TypeLocal museum
FounderKarl Trotzig et al.
OwnerFöreningen Hedemora Gammelgård
Public transit accessBus stop Gammelgården or Prostgården
Nearest car parkAt the ridge plateau
WebsiteHedemoragammelgard.se, in English

Hedemora gammelgård is a local museum in Hedemora, Dalarna County, Sweden. The museum was established June 12, 1915,[1] which is one year before the national association for farmstead museums, Sveriges hembygdsförbund was established. Hedemora gammelgård is located at the Badelundaåsen slope towards lake Hönsan The museum consists of buildings from the surrounding area and resembles a typical farmstead in Dalarna of the 18th century. The oldest building is a threshing barn built in 1679 and moved to Hedemora gammelgård in 1920. The first building moved to the museum, in 1908, was a residential building called Storstugan. Altogether the museum consists of twelve buildings, excluding the restrooms, of which eight were present at the opening 1915.

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Trösklogen från öst 2013-05-05.jpg The threshing barn, from 1679, is the oldest building at Hedemora gammelgård. The barn comes from Övernora in Husby parish, and came to Gammelgården in 1920. It consists of three rooms and attic. Nowadays the barn is a small museum for showing e.g. antique farm implements, wagons and fire equipment. 60°17′3″N 15°58′41″E / 60.28417°N 15.97806°E / 60.28417; 15.97806 Trösklogen, Hedemora gammelgård
Hda gammelgård 110803 (2).jpg The lofthouse, probably from the 1600s, comes from Björsjö of Grytnäs parish and was moved to Gammelgården in 1909. The building consists of four rooms, showing a shoemaker workshop, a carpenter shop, a milk room and a clothing- and weaving room. 60°17′2.74″N 15°58′41.71″E / 60.2840944°N 15.9782528°E / 60.2840944; 15.9782528 Loftboden, Hedemora gammelgård
Hda gammelgård 110803 (1).jpg The brewhouse, now used as the kitchen of the cafe, was originally built in 1745 and comes from Mälby in Hedemora parish. I was moved to the gammelgård 1914-1915 and consists of sters (kitchen for brewing and baking) and a maid's apartment. 60°17′2.63″N 15°58′42.4″E / 60.2840639°N 15.978444°E / 60.2840639; 15.978444 Bryggstugan, Hedemora gammelgård
Storstugan Hedemora gammelgård.jpg Storstugan ("The large cabin") from 1776, have previously been in Vikbyn outside Hedemora and was the first building of the museum homestead. The house, a so called parstuga, has entrance and a closet in the centre and two symmetrical rooms, one in each direction. The fireplace heats the living area and the closet, and the unheated room is for feasts. 60°17′2.2″N 15°58′41.61″E / 60.283944°N 15.9782250°E / 60.283944; 15.9782250 Storstugan, Hedemora gammelgård
Hda gammelgård 20101010 (15).jpg The portlider (port=gate;lider=carriage house), with stable and carriage house on each side of the entrance to the farm, comes from Klackens by in Säter parish and was moved to Gammelgården 1914-1915. A weather vane marked 1764 was previously places on the roof. The building contains i.e. old horse harnesses and agricultural tools. 60°17′1.74″N 15°58′42.81″E / 60.2838167°N 15.9785583°E / 60.2838167; 15.9785583 Portlidret, Hedemora gammelgård
Hda gammelgård 20110604 (2).jpg The forge, probably from the 1700s, is a scythe forge from Davidshyttan and was in place at the opening 1915. The building has a preserved interior and is sometimes used to show the forging process. In the forge are several antique forging tools and various forgings. 60°17′1.6″N 15°58′44.0″E / 60.283778°N 15.978889°E / 60.283778; 15.978889 Smedjan, Hedemora gammelgård
Hda gammelgård 20101010 (19).jpg The kiln from 1757 was also present at the inauguration in 1915. The building was used for the drying of flax and grain, and comes from the Örjasgården in Västerby. 60°17′0.6″N 15°58′44.2″E / 60.283500°N 15.978944°E / 60.283500; 15.978944 Bastun, Hedemora gammelgård
Hda gammelgård 20110626 (5)- b.jpg The härbre, probably from the 1600s, comes from Skommargården in the village Ivarshyttan north of Hedemora and was moved to Hedemora gammelgård in 1914–1915. 60°17′1.2″N 15°58′42.1″E / 60.283667°N 15.978361°E / 60.283667; 15.978361 Härbret, Hedemora gammelgård
Linbodarna 2013-05-05.jpg The flax store was originally placed at the street Långgatan at the Main Square in Hedemora. It was moved to Gammelgården in 1916. The store was used by farmers from Hälsingland whom, during the early 1800s, traveled to the winter market in Hedemora to sell flax and other products. The building type was in operation as market stalls until the early 1900s. 60°17′0.5″N 15°58′41.0″E / 60.283472°N 15.978056°E / 60.283472; 15.978056 Linboden, Hedemora gammelgård
Dalska stugan 2013-05-05.jpg Dalska stugan (Da[h]l's cottage) was also a flax store from the 1800s. The cottage was Elin Dahl's summer home in Svensbo nearby Backa, and was donated to the Association Hedemora Gammelgård (Föreningen Hedemora Gammelgård) in connection with the celebration of the would-be 100th birthday of founding father Karl Trotzig. 60°17′2.7″N 15°58′39.6″E / 60.284083°N 15.977667°E / 60.284083; 15.977667 Dalska stugan, Hedemora gammelgård
Hda gammelgård 20101010 (7).jpg The bakehouse is a former threshing barn from Ivarshyttan. It was put in place in 1998 and is rented out for tunnbröd baking. 60°17′4.2″N 15°58′37.9″E / 60.284500°N 15.977194°E / 60.284500; 15.977194 Bagarstugan, Hedemora gammelgård
Hda gammelgård 20101010 (8).jpg Körlogen (köra=drive;loge=a type of barn) is a former barn with doors large enough to let a horse cart in and out. The building was erect at Hedemora gammelgård in 1992-1994 and comes, like the härbre, from Skommargården in Ivarshyttan. 60°17′4.8″N 15°58′39.5″E / 60.284667°N 15.977639°E / 60.284667; 15.977639 Körlogen, Hedemora gammelgård


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