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Hedgehog Chinese: 刺猬
Origin Beijing, China
Genres Indie rock, indie pop
Years active 2004-present
Labels Modern Sky, Self-Released
Associated acts B-Side Lovers, Nova Heart (band)
Website hedgehogrock.com
Members ZO (Chinese: 子健)
Atom(Chinese: 阿童木)
He Yifan (Chinese: 何一帆)
Past members

Box (Chinese: 博宣)


Hedgehog is a Chinese indie rock trio formed in 2005 by partners ZO and Atom.[2] The band has a strong reputation throughout the country, renowned for their energetic live performances and catchy song writing.[3]

Entertainment event and venue listing magazine City Weekend listed Hedgehog in their articles The Beijing Bands You Should Already Know About[4] and The Hottest Bands of 2011.[5]

Their musical influences include The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Ramones and Nirvana.[6]

The drummer Atom has been a focal point in the band, known for her small, cute appearance and aggressive drumming style.[3][7] Atom's name references Astroboy, who is known for his small size and power.

Hedgehog song lyrics are sung in both Mandarin and English, primarily by ZO. Atom also occasionally sings lead vocals.[7]

In 2011, the band toured the US, with Xiu Xiu where they also recorded [Sun Fun Gun] in New York City, as produced by John Grew and Russell Simins from Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.[2]

B-Side Lovers[edit]

Started in 2009,[8] B-Side Lovers was ZO and Atom's two-piece side project whose edgier sound focused more on the songwriting process and instrumental experimentation.[9]

Notable performances[edit]

  • October 21, 2010: CMJ Festival, New York[10]


  • 2006: Happy Idle Kid
  • 2007: Noise Hit World
  • 2009: Blue Day Dreaming
  • 2011: Honeyed and Killed
  • 2011: DEstroy meMOries
  • 2011: Still Alive (bootleg)
  • 2012: Sun Fun Gun
  • 2014: Phantom Pop Star
  • 2015: Neurons


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