Hedmarken District Court

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The Courthouse of Hamar
Hedmark county and its court districts; Hedmarken in purple.

Hedmarken District Court (Norwegian: Hedmarken tingrett) is the district court serving Hedmarken—the municipalities Hamar, Løten, Ringsaker and Stange—in Norway.


The court has existed from 1588 to 1777 and 1992 to present. From 1777 to 1863 and 1901 to 1992 there were two courts in the district, Sør-Hedmark and Nord-Hedmark, and from 1863 to 1901 there were three: Sør-Hedmark, Nord-Hedmark and Hamar.[1]

The court itself is located in Hamar, and has one district stipendiary magistrate, four judges and two deputy judges, as well as an administrative staff of 12.[2] Cases may be appealed to Eidsivating Court of Appeal, which is headquartered in Hamar as well.[3]


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