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Vintersorg Hedniskhjärtad.jpg
EP by Vintersorg
Released 6 July 1998 (1998-07-06)
Recorded 1997-1998 at Spiff Studios and Wolf's Lair
Genre Folk metal, black metal
Length 21:04
Label Napalm
Producer Vintersorg
Vintersorg chronology
Till fjälls

Hedniskhjärtad ("Paganhearted") is the first released recording by Swedish folk metal band Vintersorg. It was released on 6 July 1998.

Background on the album[edit]

The story as to the creation of the album is as follows, taken from the back of the album's booklet:
"Me and some other guys started this project as a full line-up band under the name "Vargatron" (Wolfthrone) in the winter of 1994.
The whole idea was to create a style foundated in black metal, but using mostly clean vocals, and just some parts with the ordinary grim vocals. Nowadays it's quite common, but back in '94 it was not so many bands with these ideas.
As time passed by some line-up changes occurred, and at the end the whole project was put to rest in the summer of '96. But my interest for the songs I wrote back in '94/'95 for "Vargatron" was still strong so I decided to continue the project as a one-man band.
As I then was the only member, I simply changed the band name to "Vintersorg".
From the beginning this MCD was supposed to be a concept album, because of the strong musical relations between the songs. But I found it hard to get the same emotions lyricwise because of the fact that they're mostly from '95 and just some newer, but anyway I think they all stand behind the record title "Hedniskhjärtad". Even if the most songs are old I hope you'll still find 'em enjoyable."


Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Norrland" ("North Land") 04:21
2. "Stilla" ("Silent") 04:14
3. "Norrskensdrömmar" ("Aurora Dreams") 04:22
4. "Hednaorden" ("Heathen Order") 03:47
5. "Tussmörket" ("Twilight") 04:20
Total length: 21:04


  • Vintersorg - vocals, guitars, bass, engineering, mixing assistant

Additional personnel and staff[edit]

  • Cia Hedmark - vocals on "Stilla"
  • Vargher - keyboards, drum programming, engineering
  • Jens Rydén - layout
  • Samuel Norberg - photography
  • Nils Johansson - mastering
  • Tord Berglund - mixing
  • Johny Mikaelsson - engineering