Hedonism Live

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Hedonism Live
Video by Bellowhead
Released 28 November 2011
Recorded O2 Academy Bournemouth in May 2011
Genre Folk
Label Proper Films
Director Ed Cooper

Hedonism Live is the second live DVD by folk band Bellowhead. It was recorded in May 2011 at the O2 Academy Bournemouth.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Yarmouth Town
  2. A-Begging I Will Go
  3. Trip To Bucharest
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Whiskey Is The Life Of Man
  6. Two Magicians
  7. Parson's Farewell
  8. Cold Blows The Wind
  9. Fakenham Fair
  10. Cross-Eyed And Chinless
  11. Broomfield Hill
  12. Unclothed Nocturnal Manuscript Crisis
  13. Captain Wedderburn
  14. The Handweaver And The Factory Maid
  15. Across The Line
  16. Roll Her Down The Bay
  17. Cholera Camp
  18. Haul Away
  19. Little Sally Racket
  20. Sloe Gin
  21. New York Girls
  22. London Town
  23. Frog's Legs And Dragon's Teeth



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