Hedwig of Bavaria

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Bornc. 778
Died19 April 843
Noble familyElder House of Welf

Hedwig (c. 778 – 19 April 843) was a Saxon noblewoman, the wife of Count Welf and mother-in-law of Emperor Louis the Pious through his marriage to Judith, her daughter.


She was possibly born at Altdorf in the Frankish lands of Alamannia (present-day Germany). According to Bishop Thegan of Trier, she was a member of the Saxon high nobility, the daughter of Count Isambart. She had a sister, Adalung des Franken; half-brother, Hunfrid I de Recia e de Istria; and a brother, Guelph, Count of Andechs.

In her later life (about 826), she appears as abbess of Chelles near Paris;[1] however, it is uncertain if she had already become a widow by then.

Marriage and issue[edit]

Hedwig married Count Welf I and together they had the following children:

Through her marriage to Welf, she is the matriarch of the dynastic Welf family[4] and is an ancestor of the Carolingian dynasty, the Kings of Italy, Russia, Britain and the Bavarian Welfs.

Hedwig died on 19 April 843 in Bavaria, Frankish Empire and was buried in Bavaria-Landshut.


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