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Coordinates: 22°19′16″N 114°11′8″E / 22.32111°N 114.18556°E / 22.32111; 114.18556

Heep Yunn School
Chinese: 協恩中學
Hys badge.jpg
1 Farm Road, Kowloon
 Hong Kong
Type DSS, Grant School, secondary
Motto "In strength and grace we stand united, In faith and love we are committed."
協力藉恩, 信主愛群
Religious affiliation(s) Christianity - Anglican
Established 1936
Principal Ms. Bella Leung
Area 11,000 m2
Newspaper "Gatherine" Chinese: 聚曦
Yearbook "Vintage" Chinese: 思齊
Affiliation Anglican (Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui)
Supervisor The Very Rev. Dr. H.C. Chan
Heep Yunn School

Heep Yunn School (Chinese 協恩中學) is an Anglican girls' secondary school founded in 1936. Commonly known simply as HYS. It is located in Ma Tau Wai, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The School commenced its operation in the DSS (Direct Subsidy Scheme) mode starting from junior form in September 2012. It is governed by the Council of the Heep Yunn School, also the sponsoring body of the primary and kindergarten sections.


Heep Yunn School used to be a Sheng Kung Hui grant-in-aid school for girls before it turned to the DSS mode in September 2012. It was established when two schools founded by the Church Missionary Society - the Fairlea School (1886) and Victoria Home and Orphanage (1887) were merged in 1936 at the present site in Farm Road. This accounts for the name "Heep Yunn" - meaning the union of the two schools through the grace of God. Two buildings of the campus of Heep Yunn School are listed as Grade III historic buildings by Hong Kong's Antiquities and Monuments Office: The Main Building and St. Clare Chapel.[1]

School Vision[edit]

It is the mission of the school to provide our students with a Christian education that develops the whole person in the following areas: moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual; to instill in our girls a spirit of public service, and to build a firm foundation in both Chinese and English. [2]


The five houses are named after the school name.


Extracurricular activities[edit]

The school offers 17 school sports teams, four choirs, three orchestras, debating teams in both Chinese, Mandarin and English, an active drama group and team and over 60 other co-curricular programmes relating to languages, humanity studies, visual art, science, community services and leadership training.[3] They enhance students' interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, responsibility and innovation.

Inter-school sports[edit]

There are eighteen sports teams in HYS.[4]

Interschool competition results (2016–2017):

Team Overall result
Archery Team 6th
Athletics Team 2nd runner-up
Badminton Team 1st runner-up
Basketball Team Champion for the 24th consecutive year, Grand Slam
Beach Volleyball Team 1st runner-up
Cross Country Team 1st runner-up
Fencing Team 1st runner-up
Handball Team Champion for the 10th consecutive year, Grand Slam
Hockey Team Senior: 2nd runner-up, Junior: 2nd runner-up
Indoor Rowing Team 1st runner-up
Life Saving Team 1st runner-up
Netball Team Champion
Rugby Sevens Team AB Grade: 1st runner-up, C Grade: 1st runner-up
Softball Team Champion
Squash Team Champion
Swimming Team 1st runner-up
Table Tennis Team Champion
Tennis Team 1st runner-up
Tenpin Bowling Team 2nd runner-up
Volleyball Team 2nd runner-up

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Rebecca Chan - Decorated U.S. World War II veteran who served as a Nurse with the Flying Tigers (China), the U.S. Army (China) and the China National Aviation Corporation (China and India), with work including flying over the Hump (1942-1948); the first Head (Sister-Tutor-in-Charge) of the Nursing School of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Hong Kong, 1964-1975; 1923 student of Fairlea Girls’ School (a forerunner of Heep Yunn School)[5][6]
  • Ada Ho - Social entrepreneur
  • Stephanie Ho - TVB actress and singer
  • Charmaine Sheh - Second runner-up in the 1997 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, TVB actress
  • Sheren Tang - Hong Kong actress, 2010 TVB Anniversary Award - Best Actress (No Regrets)
  • Elaine Chan (swimmer) - Two-time Olympic swimmer from Hong Kong, specialized in freestyle events

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