Heer Ranjha (1932 film)

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Heer Ranjha
Directed by Abdul Rashid Kardar
Produced by Hakeem Ram Parshad
Starring Anwari Begum
Rafiq Ghaznavi
M. Ismail
Walait Begum
Gul Hamid
Lala Yaqoob
Fazal Shah
Music by Rafiq Ghaznavi
Release date
  • 1932 (1932)
Country Lahore, British India
Language Punjabi

Heer Ranjha is the first Punjabi feature film directed by A.R. Kardar,[1][2] starring Anwari Begum and Rafiq Ghaznavi in title roles.[2] It was first named as Hoor Punjab but then Kardar changed its name to Heer Ranjha. Rafiq Ghaznavi composed the music for the film.


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