Hefei–Wuhan high-speed railway

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On the Hewu railway in Jinzhai County, Anhui

The Hewu passenger line (simplified Chinese: 合武铁路; traditional Chinese: 合武鐵路; pinyin: Hé-Wǔ tiělù) is a 350 kilometres (220 mi) high-speed railway in Chinese provinces of Anhui and Hubei, with trains running from Anhui's capital Hefei to Hubei's capital Wuhan at 250 kilometres per hour (160 mph). The railway opened on 31 December 2008, high-speed services started on April 1, 2009.[1] and has been used by Shanghai–Nanjing–Hefei–Wuhan express trains since then.

As of July 2010, scheduling systems showed nine daily D-series express trains running in each direction between Hefei and Wuhan's three train stations, making the trip in 2 hours to 2 hrs 40 min. Another six Shanghai-Wuhan D-series trains passed this section without stopping in Hefei.[2]

As of September 2013 the number of Daily departures each way is over 20.[3]

This railway is one of the sections of the important east-west route currently under construction, the Huhanrong Passenger Dedicated Line (ShanghaiHankouChengdu).

The railway uses tunnels when crossing the Dabie Mountains on the Anhui–Hubei border.


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