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A hefezopf loaf with five braids
Alternative names Hefezopf
Type Sweet bread
Main ingredients Flour, sugar, butter, eggs, yeast
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Hefekranz or Hefezopf (literally "yeast wreath" and "yeast braid") are breads from Switzerland, southern Germany, Austria and South Tyrol.

The dough is made from sugar, flour, butter, eggs and yeast (sometimes with raisins or almonds).

Typically both Hefezopf and Hefekranz consist of three braided dough-pieces. While the Hefezopf ("Zopf" meaning braid) is a loaf consisting only of a braid, the Hefekranz' braid is bent into a wreath ("Kranz" meaning wreath).

A similar kind of bread called vetekrans or vetelängd (literally "wheat wreath" or "wheat piece") is made in Sweden.

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