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The Hegel Society of America, or HSA, was founded in 1968 at the Wofford Symposium in Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States. Its mission is to promote the study of the philosophy of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

These studies include Hegel's place in the history of philosophy, as well as the relationships of Hegel's writings to social, political, and cultural movements within the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. The HSA claims that Hegel's philosophy remains relevant to contemporary issues and fields of knowledge.

HSA members meet every two years for three day seminars. These meetings feature a program on a theme selected by a democratic vote at the previous meeting, and the proceedings of every meeting since 1982 have been published.

HSA scholars cooperate with scholars from the following institutions:

  1. Hegel Society of Great Britain
  2. The Internationale Hegel-Vereinigung
  3. The Internationale Hegel-Gesellschaft
  4. The Centre de recherche et de documentation sur Hegel
  5. The Hegel-Archiv at Ruhr Universität, Bochum, Germany

The HSA never endorses or promotes any particular way of interpreting Hegel.

The HSA official journal, The Owl of Minerva, is published twice yearly in Spring and Fall issues. Since 1969, the Owl has published approximately 1,000 articles, reviews, discussions, translations, and bibliographic information about current scholarship within Hegel studies.

All members of the Hegel Society of America receives a print subscription to the Owl, and print or electronic versions are distributed to more than 180 libraries worldwide. Memberships, and distribution of the journal in print and electronic formats, are managed by the Philosophy Documentation Center.

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