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Heggra, artist Jack Kirby
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceNew Gods vol. 1 #7
(February 1972)
Created byJack Kirby (writer & artist)
In-story information
Alter egoHeggra
SpeciesNew God
Place of originApokolips
AbilitiesSuper strength, long lived.

Heggra is a fictional character, and extraterrestrial monarch and supervillain in publications from DC Comics. The character first appeared in New Gods volume 1 #7 (February 1972), and was created by Jack Kirby.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Heggra is the elder sister of Steppenwolf, the wife of Yuga Khan, the mother of Darkseid (her younger son Uxas) and Infinity-Man (her elder son Drax) as well as the grandmother of Kalibak, Orion and Grayven. All of them, including her, are New Gods of Apokolips.

Heggra became the supreme sovereign of Apokolips after her husband Yuga Khan was claimed by the Source Wall in the Promethean Galaxy.

Uxas began laying plans to claim the rulership of Apokolips. Part of this was following his elder brother to the 'Infinity Pit'. Drax was to claim his birthright, the Omega Effect, Uxas killed him and took it instead. He renamed himself Darkseid. However, he became more peaceful with the love of a good-hearted scientist and sorceress named Suli. Darkseid fathers Kalibak with Suli after marrying her.[1]

Suli's peaceful nature displeases Heggra, who then had Desaad, the chief torturer (who Darkseid had corrupted when he was younger), kill the woman. She is forced to threaten Desaad's life in order to have the task done. Heggra forced Darkseid to marry Tigra, whom she admired for her hot-tempered nature. Darkseid goes through with this despite hating Tigra; Heggra's grandson Orion is born as a result.[2]

Eventually, Darkseid learned of Heggra's role in the death of Suli. Now more motivated to see his mother dead than ever before, he had Desaad murder the queen by poisoning her, leaving him as the unopposed ruler of Apokolips.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Heggra has super-strength and longevity.


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