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Tufte IL is a Norwegian football team which was spawned from a series of advertisements by Norsk Tipping (Norwegian betting - The Norwegian National Lottery).

Tufte IL is made for the TV reality show "Heia Tufte!" (Go Tufte!), shown on the commercial TV channel TVNorge, about 16 nerds learning to play football by ex-Tottenham and Norwegian international goalkeeper Erik Thorstvedt. The show is inspired by the Danish show about FC Zulu, and gained instant popularity in Norway. As well it was also claimed that Tufte was the Zulu-based team that had gained the highest popularity of them all in their country.

The goal of the show was for the coaches to coach the players to be able to beat Vålerenga IF Fotball, a team that plays in the Norwegian Premier League (and, while the show was being aired, won the league). Vålerenga fielded only 7 players for the match, but still won the match 15-1.

They were named Name of the year 2005 in both the newspaper VG and the TV station TV 2

The theme song of the show (Also called "Heia Tufte") is used as a taunting chant by Norwegian football fans against opposition when their team is winning big.

Playing Squad/TV Participants[edit]

  • 1 Erhud Udi Kafri
  • 2 Kenneth Lilliegren
  • 3 Vebjørn Koksvik
  • 4 Tommy Karlsen
  • 5 Trym Kittelsen
  • 6 Stian Birger Lindhom
  • 7 Pål David Blakely
  • 8 Øyvind Larsen

with new nerd av Bjørn-Tore Amundsen

  • 1 Udi
  • 2 Kenneth
  • 3 Arne (new player)
  • 4 Tommy
  • 5 Frode (new player)
  • 7 Pål David
  • 8 Øyvind
  • 9 Martin
  • 10 Sjur Marius
  • 11 Stian J
  • 13 Petter William
  • 14 Thor Joachim
  • 15 Lars Olav
  • 16 Bjørn Tore
  • 17 Thor André (new player)
  • 18 Daniel (new player)
  • 22 Rune (new player)
  • Coach: Erik Thorstvedt
  • Assistant: Klaus Pettersen
  • this year they shall play against Rosenborg in Lerkendal
  • players who have quit the team
  • ex nr 3 Vebjørn
  • ex nr 5 Trym
  • ex nr 6 Stian B
  • ex nr 17 Kai simon

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