Heidelberg Painter

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Heidelberg Painter
Bellerophon Khimaira Louvre A478.jpg
Double decker Siana cup, Bellerophontes fighting a chimaera, circa 575/550 BC. The Louvre
Born Unknown
Before 575 BC
Probably Athens
Died About 555 BC
Nationality Athenian
Known for Vase painting
Movement Black-figure style

The Heidelberg Painter (conventional name) was an Attic vase painter of the black-figure style, active between about 575 and 555 BC. He is considered one of the most important painter of Siana cups. Along with the C Painter, he is considered the main representative of his style. Generally, the Heidelberg Painter is regarded as the more accomplished artist of the two, although his work did not reach the same breadth of scope. In contrast to many of his contemporaries, he placed special emphasis on the depiction of human figures, at which he was very adept. His figures are very detailed, but often drawn rather sloppily. His early works resemble those of the Comast Group, the later ones those of the Amasis Painter.


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