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Background information
Origin Horst, Netherlands
Genres Punk rock
Years active 1989–2012
Labels Epitaph Records, PIAS, I Scream Records, Sonic Rendezvous
Website http://www.heideroosjes.com/
Members Marco Roelofs
Frank Kleuskens
Fred Houben
Igor Hobus

Heideroosjes (pronounced: hi-duh-rose-yes,[1] HR in short), were a Dutch punk rock band from Horst aan de Maas. The band is known for their energetic shows and songs with lyrics mostly in Dutch and English, and a few songs in German and Limburgs (a dialect spoken in the Dutch province of Limburg). The band, formed in 1989, consists of Marco Roelofs (vocals/guitar), Frank Kleuskens (guitar), Fred Houben (Bass) and Igor Hobus (percussion). This line up never changed.

Heideroosjes played nearly 1500 shows in Europe, United States, Japan and South Africa. Heideroosjes won a Dutch Grammy Award (2004).

The band's name is a Dutch colloquial name for a little wild plant (Catsfoot Antennaria dioica, usually called Rozenkransje in Dutch) which grows in open fields. By dictionary it means "heath roses" and was chosen for its ironic contrast with the many punk band names that reflect dark or violent themes.



After releasing two albums on their self-founded label Fairytale Records[2] Heideroosjes got its nationwide breakthrough in 1995 by opening the prestigious Pinkpop festival in The Netherlands. In 1998 the band signed a worldwide record deal with the world's biggest punk label epitaph records, based in Hollywood (CA).

In 1999, the band makes its first TV-appearance in the United States when talkshow host Jerry Springer plays some live-footage of their song "Jerry Rules In The Land Of The Free". In this song, taken from their album SCHIZO, Heideroosjes voice their opinion on (semi-reality) TV shows like The Jerry Springer show.

In the meantime Heideroosjes tours (mainly) Europe with familiar bands like The Offspring, Pennywise, The Misfits, Bad Religion and Less Than Jake.


In 2004, the Heideroosjes tour bus was involved in a serious accident. Three roadies were wounded, and one roadie was seriously injured. The band cancelled their tour but continued a few weeks later. Later that year, Heideroosjes received their first Dutch Grammy Award for their single "Damclub Hooligan" (from their album SINema). In March 2004 the band appeared for the first time live in the US when they played at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. In a raving review The Austin Chronicle wrote "Now that was a lesson in rock 'n roll. They blew the other bands right of the front door".

In November and December 2005 Heideroosjes did an Ode to the Ramones tour in the Netherlands and Belgium, during this tour they only played covers from their heroes: The Ramones.

In 2006, Heideroosjes made international news by making a song with the mayor of Maastricht, Gerd Leers. In this song called "Dope man"[3] they mock the Dutch soft drug policy, which in their eyes is hypocritical. A few weeks later the Dutch minister of Justice, Piet Hein Donner, recorded a rap song with rapper Meester G responding to 'Dope man' by defending his soft drug policy. Later that year Heideroosjes record their eighth album with Los Angeles-based producer Cameron Webb who worked with bands like Motörhead, Ignite, Social Distortion and Silverstein. Motörhead singer Lemmy features on the song "My Funeral". Even as Ignite leadsinger Zoli Teglas who sings in the song "Forgotten Continent".

After years of touring the world including Japan, South Africa, and former Yugoslavia, Heideroosjes started a new phase in their career. In 2008 the band did a 100 shows counting comedy tour called "Manie Manie". In this show the music seemed less important and there's more focus on stories, acting and comedy.

In 2009 Heideroosjes celebrated 20 years touring with no line-up changes; the anniversary was marked by a double-album and an extensive tour through Europe.

After a 'sabbatical year' in 2010 the band returned to touring and announced a new album for 2011. In September of that year Heideroosjes announce the new studio album Cease-Fire will be their last one. "After this album and the tour, we're gonna quit" the band states. Main reason for the split according to the band members: "We still love to play and being on stage. But we are fed up with all the business that comes along with being in a professional band. We had a great time and traveled all over the world. We lived our dreams. And we believe it's better to burn out than to fade away". The farewell tour contained shows at the Lowlands Festival and the Sziget Festival in Hungary (2012). End of September 2012 Heideroosjes waved a final goodbye with 2 sold out shows in Holland (Melkweg-Amsterdam) and two sold out shows in Belgium (AB-Brussels).



Date of Release Title Label
1991 In Your Face! (DEMO)
1993 Noisy Fairytales Fairytale Records
1994 Choice For A Lost Generation?! Fairytale Records
1996 Fifi Play It Again Sam (record label)
1997 Kung-Fu Play It Again Sam (record label)
1998 Smile... You're Dying! Epitaph Records
1999 Schizo Epitaph Records
2001 Fast Forward Epitaph Records
2002 It's a Life (12,5 Years Live!) Epitaph Records
2004 SINema Epitaph Records
2006 Royal to the Bone I Scream Records (US only!)
2007 Chapter Eight, The Golden State U-Sonic
2009 20 Years: Ode & Tribute 1989 - 2009 Fairytale Records / PIAS
2011 Cease-Fire Fairytale Records / PIAS


Date of Release Title Label
1995 "Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden" PIAS
1996 "Klapvee" PIAS
1996 "Break the Public Peace" PIAS
1997 "Paradiso" (vinyl-single only) PIAS
1997 "Wurst & Käse" PIAS
1998 "Firstfuckparty at 701" PIAS
1999 "Iedereen Is Gek (Behalve Jij!)" Epitaph Records
1999 "Time is Ticking Away" Epitaph Records
2001 "Ik Wil Niks!" Epitaph Records
2001 "Billy Broke a Bottle (Again)" Epitaph Records
2004 "Damclub Hooligan" (2 songs) Epitaph Records
2004 "Damclub Hooligan" (Limited, 4 songs) Epitaph Records
2004 "Scapegoat Revolution" Epitaph Records
2006 "United Tibet" Fairytale Records
2007 "Lekker Belangrijk!" Fairytale Records
2007 "My Funeral" Fairytale Records

Music Videos[edit]

  • "A Bag Full of Stories"
  • "Billy Broke a Bottle (Again)"
  • "Break the Public Peace"
  • "Damclub Hooligan"
  • "Da’s Toch Dope Man!"
  • "De Wereld Draait Door"
  • "Doe Maar Net Alsof Je Neus Bloedt"
  • "Ik Wil Niks!"
  • "Iedereen is Gek (Behalve Jij)"
  • "Lekker Belangrijk!"
  • "My Funeral"
  • "Scapegoat Revolution"
  • "Weg van de Meeste Weerstand"
  • "Würst & Käse"

Videos and DVDs[edit]

  • DVD: "Manie! Manie!" 2010 (comedy show )
  • DVD: Bag Full of Stories 2004 (live videos and documentary)
  • DVD: A Year in the Life of... 2006 (3 live concerts, a Punkmovie from the Heideroosjes in America and a parody on a Dutch talkshow called Jensen!)
  • VHS: 12,5 Year Anniversary Concert VHS 2002 (live concert, shot on the 8 of June 2002 @ Paradiso, Amsterdam

Songs covered by Heideroosjes[edit]


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