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Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker Babyhouse.jpg
Heidi Baker in one of the Iris Global children's centers
Born (1959-08-29) August 29, 1959 (age 56)
Nationality United States
Occupation Missionary
Spouse(s) Rolland Baker
Website irisglobal.org

Heidi Baker PhD (born 1959) is a Christian missionary and with her husband Rolland are founders of Iris Global and the author of several books.

With her husband Rolland, Heidi founded IRIS Ministries in 1980,[1] a non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to Jesus and service, especially among the poor.[2] In 1992, after twelve years ministering in Asia, they left to obtain PhD's at King's College London, UK. In 1995 they started a new ministry to the poor and homeless children in Mozambique.[3]

Beginning with nothing, within a matter of months they were given a dilapidated orphanage in Maputo with 80 children.[3] From there, the ministry has expanded to include well-drilling, free health clinics that service the poor and sick, feeding programs, primary and secondary schools, cottage industries and now over 5000 churches in Mozambique and a total of over 10,000 churches in over 20 nations. There are multiple 'bases' with Bible schools, as well as community outreaches and top-ranked public schools. In September 2008 Iris Ministries started a well digging project in Northern Mozambique.[4]

Their ministry is known for its reports of miracles,[3] and in September 2010 the Southern Medical Journal published an article presenting evidence of "significant improvements" in auditory and visual function among subjects exhibiting impairment before receiving prayer from the ministry.[5]

Originally from Southern California,[3] the Bakers are now based full-time in Pemba, Mozambique. They also travel to various places around the world to share their story,[6] and to teach about God's love and what love in action looks like. The core value and message of the Bakers ministry is God's love. Rolland Baker is the grandson of missionary H.A. Baker.[3] Candy Gunther Brown, professor of religious studies at Indiana University, has called the Bakers "among the most influential leaders in world Pentecostalism"[2]


Heidi Baker grew up in Southern California, becoming a Christian through a Navajo preacher's sharing while on an Indian reservation. She met Rolland in 1979 and married six months later in 1980, leaving for the mission field two weeks after that.[7] They were ordained as ministers in 1985, after graduating from Vanguard University.[8]

After reading in the newspaper about the brutality of the Mozambican Civil War, where even trucks from the Red Cross were blown up in battles, Heidi and Rolland Baker decided to move to Mozambique in 1995. A year later, Heidi became very sick with tuberculosis and pneumonia, but despite her doctor's recommendation she went for a healing meeting in Toronto, Canada. There, she claims to have had a vision where Jesus showed her thousands of children to feed, and as she exclaimed that it was impossible to help them all, he said "There will always be enough, because I died."[9]



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  • Birthing the Miraculous: The Power of Personal Encounters with God to Change Your Life and the World. Charisma House (2014) ISBN 978-1-62136-219-7


  • Riches of The Poor, Peripheral Vision Video
  • Mama Heidi, Eric Velu Productions
  • The Face of Revival: Stopping for the One, Cornerstone Films
  • The Finger of God, Wanderlust Productions
  • Compelled by Love, Released 2014, CompelledByLoveTheFilm.com


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