Heidi Støre

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Heidi Støre
Born (1963-07-04) 4 July 1963 (age 53)
Sarpsborg, Norway
Nationality Norwegian
Occupation Football player and administrator
Known for World champion 1995
Olympic bronze medalist 1996

Heidi Støre (born 4 July 1963, Sarpsborg) is a former Norwegian footballer and world champion as captain for the national team.


Støre played for the clubs Sprint-Jeløy (Norway), Trollhättan (Sweden), Kolbotn (Norway), Nikko (Japan) and Athene Moss (Norway).[1] She made her debut for the Norwegian national team in 1980, and played 151 matches for the national team.[2]

She was world champion with the Norwegian team in 1995, received silver medal in 1991, and won the unofficial world championship tournament in 1988. She is European champion from 1987 and 1993, and received silver medals in 1989 and 1991.[1] She won an Olympic bronze medal with the Norwegian team in 1996.[3]

Støre ended her active career in 1997, but returned as administrator of women's football in 2005.[2] She was appointed leader of the department Toppfotball kvinner of the Football Association of Norway from 2013.[4] [5]


FIFA Women's World Cup[edit]



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