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Heikki Saari (alias "Mörkö", "kermis" or "kmn") (born on 8 September 1984 and originating from Veteli, Finland) is the current drummer for Whorion and Finntroll. He is also the live drummer for Tuoni and former drummer of Norther and Amberian Dawn. He started playing drums around 1987 and influences include Scarve, Opeth, Soilwork, Ensiferum, Disarmonia Mundi, Dream Theater, Meshuggah, Annihilator, Deathchain, Hate Eternal, Rotten Sound, Rytmihäiriö, Sevendust, and Wintersun.


with Whorion[edit]

  • Fall of Atlas
  • The Reign Of The Seventh Sector

with Norther[edit]

  • Frozen Angel (single for the movie Vares 2: Jäätynyt Enkeli)
  • No Way Back EP
  • N

with Virtuocity[edit]

(Played under the pseudonym Joey Edith)

  • Northern Twilight Symphony

with Atheme One[edit]

Atheme One has recorded a four song promotional EP and two songs, titled "Dreamchaser" and "World of Insanity", are available for download. Currently band is not working anymore under this title, but under name of Amberian Dawn with a different drummer as Heikki left the band at the end of 2006.

Session Work[edit]

Heikki was recruited by Scottish metal band Hellbound, along with Aleksi Sihvonen from Norther, on their debut EP.

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All of the information in this article was compiled from information on the Official Norther website, the Official Norther Forum, and the EndlessWar member information page. Photo found at Spinefarm Records press area.