Heilwig of Lippe

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Heilwig of Lippe
Seal Adolf VIII. 01.jpg
Born c. 1200
Died c. 1248/1250
Noble family Lippe
Spouse(s) Adolf IV of Holstein
Father Herman II, Lord of Lippe
Mother Oda of Tecklenburg

Heilwig of Lippe, also known as Heilwig of Schaumburg (c. 1200c. 1248/1250) was a German noblewoman.


She was a daughter of Lord Herman II of Lippe and his wife, Oda of Tecklenburg.

On 14 February 1246, she found the Cistercian monastery in Herwardeshude, a village at the mouth of the Pepermölenbek, between the later St. Pauli and Altona. The monastery was confirmed by Pope Innocent IV in 1247. This monastery later founded the monasteries In Valle Virgum, also in Herwardeshude, and in 1530, after the reformation, the Monastery of St. John, which still exists as a Protestant nunnery.


In 1870, the Heilwigstraße in Hamburg-Eppendorf was named after her.

Marriage and issue[edit]

She was married to Count Adolf IV of Holstein-Kiel and Schauenburg. They had at least three children:



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