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Heimathaus Twist - The Handwerker-Haus

The Heimathaus Twist is a cross-community well known and for blues and folk music concerts nationwide know cultural center in the municipality Twist, Germany.


The Heimathaus Twist is a complex of buildings and is consisting of four buildings in traditional construction style of the Emsland county. The Handwerker-Haus (craftsman house) is constructed in timber framing style and the second building is constructed as a brick building. Wooden beams from an old farmer house were used for these houses. The timber framing house and the wooden beams for the second building are demolish farmer houses from Heblermeer, a district in Twist, and were reconstructed in the center of Twist in 1980. The third build is a backing house that allows to bake bread on a traditional way in a wooden oven. This house was constructed in 2003. In 2015 the complex of buildings of the Heimathaus Twist was expended by another fourth building. This building is used as a storage.


Since 1990 regularly different events take place in the Heimathaus Twist amongst others readings, classic music, folk and jazz. Especially because of its blues concerts the Heimathaus Twist gained a high popularity within the blues fan community. The good reputation and high number of gigs of well known bands and musicians for instance headliners like Albert Hammond and Maggie Reilly, Chris Farlowe , Ten Years After , John Lee Hooker Jr . or Hamburg Blues Band lead to the nickname „Blues-Mekka im Moor“ (Blues Mecca in the bog). Because of the nearby border to the Netherlands many Dutch people are being a big part of the core audience, for important events even people from London or Nizza are coming to the concerts.

At concerts in Heimathaus Twist several Live-CDs had been recorded amongst others the concert of the Blues Company , Ten Years After and the concert of Lefthand Freddy and the Aces . Often these gigs are also broadcast by nationwide radio stations like Deutschlandfunk and Deutschlandradio Kultur.

Furthermore the Heimathaus team also organizes bicycle tours for discovering the region around Twist and organizes special events for entertaining children.


Coordinates: 52°38′52″N 7°05′38″E / 52.6478°N 7.0939°E / 52.6478; 7.0939