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Heineken House
The house
Location Sandstraße 3, Bremen

The Heineken House (German: Haus Heineken) is a historic building in Bremen, Germany. The house has Bremen's oldest painted wooden ceiling. The building's exterior dates from the 18th century but its core is medieval.[1]


The Heineken House is known to have been renovated in 1579 and the following year it was given what is now Bremen's oldest wooden painted roof. The 1570 date is known from extant documentation but it is underwritten by dendocrinology which has dated the timbers in the house.[2] The building's exterior dates from 1744.[1] It gets its name from local mayor Christian Abraham Heineken, a notable early owner but not the first.[2] In 1803 Bremen was divided into four areas and each of these had a mayor. Heineken was one of those mayors who became involved in the defortification of the town.[3]

Since 1974, the house has been the headquarters of the State Office for Historic Monuments (Landesamt für Denkmalpflege). This saved the building as there had been planning applications to use it for less sympathetic purposes.[2]

In 2014 an information plaque was added to the wall of the house which links by QR code to this article.[4]


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Coordinates: 53°04′31″N 8°48′39″E / 53.07528°N 8.81083°E / 53.07528; 8.81083