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This article is about the lager beer. For other uses, see Heineken (disambiguation).
Heineken Lager Beer
Heineken Pilsener
Heineken logo.svg Heineken.jpgHeineken lager beer made in China.jpg
Dutch bottle (left) and export bottle (right)
Type Beer
Manufacturer Heineken International
Country of origin Netherlands
Introduced 1873[1]
Alcohol by volume 5.4%[2]
Colour 7 EBC
Style Pale lager
Original gravity 1.044–1.048[citation needed]
IBU scale 23[citation needed]
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Website Heineken.com

Heineken Lager Beer (Dutch: Heineken Pilsener), or simply Heineken (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈɦɛinəkən]), is a pale lager beer with 5% alcohol by volume produced by the Dutch brewing company Heineken International. Heineken is well known for its signature green bottle and red star.[3]


Gerard Adriaan Heineken bought "De Hooiberg" (The Haystack) brewery in Amsterdam on February 15, 1864. In 1873, the HBM (Heineken's Bierbrouweij Maatschapij) was established, and the first beer is brewed, with the brewery's name being changed from Haystack to Heineken. In 1875, Heineken won the Medaille D'Or at the International Exposition in Paris, then began to be shipped there regularly. Heineken sales topped 64,000 hectolitres (1 hectolitre = 26.418 U.S. gallons) and it was the biggest exporter to France. In 1889, Heineken receives the gold medal of honour at the World Exhibition in Paris. In 1990, Heineken received a special Jury Prize in Paris.

After prohibition was lifted in 1933, Heineken was the first European beer to be imported to the United States.[4]

In Heineken's early years, the beer won four awards:

The two awards that are still mentioned on the label are the Medaille d'Or and Diplome d'Honneurs.[6]


Two glasses of Heineken beer

Since 1975, most Heineken brand beer has been brewed at the Heineken brewery in Zoeterwoude, Netherlands.[1] In 2011, 2.74 billion liters of Heineken brand beer was produced worldwide, while the total beer production of all breweries fully owned by the Heineken Group over all brands was 16.46 billion liters globally.[7] Sold in more than 170 countries, Heineken is the world's most international premium beer. It has been incorporated with numerous beer brands from different countries all over the world including, Mexico, China, and Africa.

Present Day Heineken[edit]

  • In 2014, Heineken celebrated its 150th anniversary.
  • In 2015, Heineken won the Creative Marketer of the Year Award, becoming the second company to win the award twice.[6]
  • The original brewery where Gerard Adriaan Heineken first started making Heineken is now a museum. The brewery is now called the Heineken Experience Museum.[8]


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