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Burg Heinfels
Tyrol, Austria
Schloss Heinfels.jpg
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Builtby 1243

Burg Heinfels is a castle in Heinfels, Tyrol, Austria. It stands in the Puster Valley, near the entrance to the Villgraten Valley. Although the town was first settled by Huns around 500AD,[1] a castle was not mentioned until 1243.[2] It belonged to the County of Gorz, and was expanded on the west side in 1500. In 1526, it was besieged by Michael Gaismair and 2,000 soldiers seeking to overthrow Catholic rule in the area.[3] Today it is privately owned.[4]



This article was initially translated from the German Wikipedia.

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Coordinates: 46°45′05″N 12°26′22″E / 46.75125°N 12.4393055556°E / 46.75125; 12.4393055556

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