Heinlein (crater)

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The Martian crater Heinlein
Planet Mars
Region Promethei Terra
Coordinates 64°36′S 243°48′W / 64.6°S 243.8°W / -64.6; -243.8Coordinates: 64°36′S 243°48′W / 64.6°S 243.8°W / -64.6; -243.8
Diameter 83 km
Eponym Robert A. Heinlein

Heinlein is a crater in Promethei Terra, Mars. It is centered at 64.6 degrees south, 243.8 degrees west, and is 83 km in diameter.

It is named after Robert Anson Heinlein, the Dean of Science Fiction, author of the mainstream literary classic Stranger in a Strange Land, and Science Fiction novels Starship Troopers and The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.[1]

Heinlein helped narrate the The Moon Landing with Walter Cronkite on CBS in 1969, was involved in the planning of the Star Wars Defense program in the 1980s, contributed the words Waldo and Grok to the English language, and popularized the phrases Space Marine, TANSTAAFL, and Pay it Forward.


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    Although there is no lunar feature named explicitly for Heinlein, this lack was rectified in 1994 when a major crater on Mars was named for him.