Heinrich Friedrich von Arnim-Heinrichsdorff-Werbelow

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Heinrich Friedrich von Arnim-Heinrichsdorff-Werbelow (born 23 September 1791 in Werbelow/Uckermark; died 18 April 1859 in Berlin) was a Prussian statesman.

Arnim participated in the War of the Sixth Coalition and then embarked on a diplomatic career. After working as legation secretary in Stockholm and in Paris, he was the Prussian envoy in Brussels from 1831, from 1841 in Paris and in Vienna from 1845 to 1848, where he acted entirely in accordance with Metternich's politics. On 24 February 1849 he was appointed Foreign Minister of Prussia, but resigned from this post already on 3 May, as he did not agree with the German policy of the foreign ministry. From 1851 to 1857 he was once again Prussian ambassador to Vienna, he cultivated good relations with Austria as much as possible, which he saw as an indispensable ally of Prussia. He died on 18 April 1859. Arnim was not married.[1]