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Johann Heinrich Hübschmann.

Johann Heinrich Hübschmann (1 July 1848 – 20 January 1908) was a German philologist.


Hübschmann was born on July 1, 1848 at Erfurt. He studied Oriental philology at Jena, Tübingen, Leipzig, and Munich; in 1876 he became professor of Iranian languages at Leipzig, and in 1877 professor of comparative philology at Strasbourg. Hübschmann died on January 20, 1908 in Freiburg im Breisgau.

Research on Armenian[edit]

Hübschmann was the first to show in 1875 that the Armenian language was not a branch of the Iranian languages (earlier assumed so because of the immense amount of Iranian influence on Armenian throughout its history) but an entirely separate Indo-European branch in its own right.[1][better source needed] He used the comparative method to separate the Iranian loanwords, which make up the majority of Armenian words, from an older layer of native Armenian words.[2]


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