Heinrich Karl Beyrich

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Heinrich Karl Beyrich (22 March 1796 – 15 September 1834) was a German botanist born in Wernigerode.

He studied botany at the University of Göttingen, and in 1819 performed botanical excursions throughout northern Italy and the eastern Alps. In 1822-23 he went on an expedition to Brazil on behalf of the Prussian government in order to collect flora for Pfaueninsel and the Neu-Schönberger Botanical Garden. In September 1834, while on an expedition through North America, he became ill and died at Fort Gibson, located in the present-day state of Oklahoma.

He has numerous plant species named after him, including Centaurium beyrichii, also known as the "mountain pink", and Galeandra beyrichii (Beyrich's helmet orchid).