Heinrich Wullschlägel

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Heinrich Rudolf Wullschlägel (February 1, 1805, Sarepta, Saratov Governorate, Russian Empire[1] (now part of Volgograd) – March 29, 1864, Berthelsdorf, Germany) was a Russia-born Dutch-German bishop, botanist and translator.

Wullschlägel received his primary education in Niesky, Saxony, his theological instruction in Gnadenfeld, Silesia, spent the years 1844-47 on Antigua, 1847-49 in Jamaica, and 1849-1855 in Paramaribo, Surinam as head of the Mission of the Unitas Fratrum - The Moravian Church.

Wullschlägel made extensive botanical collections and wrote a dictionary of the Creole language there, as well as on a trip to the Mosquito Coast. He entered the directorate of the Moravian Church in Berthelsdorf near Herrnhut in 1855 and became its bishop in 1857.

Some species named after him[edit]