Heinrich Zollinger

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Heinrich Zollinger
Heinrich Zollinger.png
Born March 22, 1818 (1818-03-22)
Died May 19, 1859 (1859-05-20) (aged 41)
Nationality Swiss
Fields Botanist
Alma mater University of Geneva
Author abbrev. (botany) Zoll.

Heinrich Zollinger (March 22, 1818 – May 19, 1859) was a Swiss botanist.

Zollinger was born in Feuerthalen, Switzerland.

From 1837-1838 he studied botany at the University of Geneva under Augustin and Alphonse Pyramus de Candolle, but had to interrupt his studies due to financial problems.

In 1842 he moved to Java, working in a botanical garden, and on small government-financed scientific expeditions. He returned to Switzerland in 1848, but came back to Java in 1855 with his wife and two children.

The species Clavaria zollingeri described scientifically by French mycologist Joseph-Henri Léveillé in 1846 was named after Heinrich Zollinger, who researched the genus Clavaria, and collected the type specimen in Java.

Zollinger died in Kandangan of the long-term effects of malaria.


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