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Heintz Frei at the 2012 Summer Paralympics Men's marathon

Heinz Frei (born 28 January 1958)[1] is a Swiss wheelchair athlete. Frei has had a long career of racing, winning the London Marathon wheelchair race three times, and earning 5 medals at the 2003 European games at the age of 45.[2] He has earned 14 gold medals at the summer and winter Paralympics and is a current world record holder in the half-marathon and marathon wheelchair races.[3] He competed in athletics at every Summer Paralympic Games from 1984 to 2008, and at the 2008 Beijing Games he also participated in cycling, using a handcycle. At the Winter Paralympics, he competed in cross-country sit-skiing between 1984 and 2006 and in the biathlon in 1994.[4]

Frei plans on retiring from track competition at an event on August 28, 2009, though he will continue competing in road races.[3]

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