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The Heinz Hopf Prize is awarded every two years at ETH Zurich. The prize honours outstanding scientific work in the field of pure mathematics. It is named after the German mathematician Heinz Hopf (1894–1971), Professor of Mathematics at ETH from 1931 to 1965. The prize amount of 30,000 Swiss Francs (approximately US$29,000, €20,000, or £18,200 as of October 2009) is awarded on the occasion of the Heinz Hopf Lectures that are given at ETH by the laureate.

The prize was awarded for the first time in October 2009.


2019 Ehud Hrushovski
Year Name Institute Lectures Title
2009 Robert MacPherson United States Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton How nature tiles space
2011 Michael Rapoport Germany University of Bonn How geometry meets arithmetic
2013 Yakov Eliashberg RussiaUnited States

Helmut Hofer GermanyUnited States

Stanford University

Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

From dynamical systems to geometry and back
2015 Claire Voisin France Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu Diagonals in algebraic geometry
2017 Richard Schoen United States Stanford University How curvature shapes space

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