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Origin St Paul, Minnesota, United States
Genres Hip hop[1]
Years active 1997 – present
Labels Razor & Tie
Website http://www.heiruspecs.com/
Members Felix
Twinkie Jiggles
Peter Leggett
Josh Peterson

Heiruspecs (pronounced high-roo-spex) is a live hip hop band based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, specifically the Midway neighborhood. The band's name is based on a deliberate misspelling of haruspex.[2]

The band's first releases (Live from the Studio and Antidisestablishmetabolism) are out-of-print, though a compilation featuring songs from them was released as 10 Years Strong in December 2007. Their self-titled album "Heiruspecs," was released on December 13, 2008. On April 22, 2014 the band released "Night Falls."[3]

The band is mostly known for their live performances. In contrast to many contemporary hip hop groups that use sampling and turntables, Heiruspecs emphasize a raw, live sound, their roots and local scene. They have also been known to do shows with Minnesota-local hip hop label Rhymesayers Entertainment. They have a very upbeat sound and are typically on tour for at least half of the year. The group style has been compared to the live hip hop band The Roots.[4]


Heiruspecs formed in 1997 when the members were attending St. Paul Central High School. They met while taking a studio recording arts program there. Sean (Twinkie Jiggles) would play bass while four or five drummers would rotate in and out of freestyle sessions, and Felix would rhyme throughout the whole process.[5] Early Heiruspecs music contained trombone and saxophone, but these were absent on Small Steps and A Tiger Dancing. In 2004 Heiruspecs was named the best live artist in the Twin Cities by City Pages.[6]

In commemoration of 10 years of St. Paul pride and good Hip Hop music, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman declared December 22 Heiruspecs Day in Saint Paul, Minnesota.[7]

Heiruspecs took an unofficial hiatus after their tour van was totaled in 2005.[8]

The most recent Heiruspecs recording, "Heiruspecs," was released on December 13, 2008.

In summer 2010, the band was in the studio working on a new album.[9]

Members and Former Members[edit]


  • Felix (Chris Wilbourn) - Vocals
  • Muad'dib (Jon Harrison) - Vocals, Beat Box
  • Twinkie Jiggles (Sean McPherson) - Bass
  • dVRG (DeVon Gray) - Keyboards
  • Peter Leggett - Drums
  • Josh Peterson - Guitar


  • Martin Devaney - Saxophone
  • Bryan Alvarez - Trombone
  • Alex Oftelie - Drums
  • Al McIntosh - Trumpet
  • Steve McPherson - Guitar
  • Kevin Hunt - Drums
  • Conor Meehan - Drums
  • Tasha Baron - Keyboards
  • Alex Danovitch - Keys
  • Joshua Herbst - Drums
  • Brett Bullion - Drums
  • Noah Paster - Percussion, 808 pad
  • Tim Glenn - Drums


Studio Albums[edit]


  • 10 Years Strong (2007)


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