Heisei Fūzoku

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"Heisei Fūzoku"
A pile of musical instruments inside of a white bath.
Studio album by Ringo Sheena, Neko Saitō
Released February 21, 2007 (2007-02-21)
Recorded Toshiba EMI 3rd Studio
Studio Terra
Hitokuchizaka Studio
Onkio Haus
AVACO Creative Studios
Sound City
Genre Jazz, Latin American music, Electronica
Length 51:58
Label Toshiba EMI
Virgin Music
Producer Uni Inoue
Ringo Sheena, Neko Saitō chronology
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(2003)Kalk Samen Kuri no Hana2003
Heisei Fūzoku
Watashi to Hōden
(2008)Watashi to Hōden2008
Singles from Heisei Fūzoku
  1. "Kono Yo no Kagiri"
    Released: January 17, 2007

Heisei Fūzoku (平成風俗, "Heisei Customs"), also known by its English title Japanese Manners, is a studio album by Japanese singer-songwriter Ringo Sheena and conductor/ Violinist Neko Saitō, released on February 21, 2007. The vinyl record version and the DVD "Daiginjou" were released on April 25, 2007. This album serves as the sound track for the movie Sakuran (さくらん).


Ringo Sheena initially intended to create a highly produced, computer-based sound for the soundtrack and went as far as to record some instrumental demos. However, director Mika Ninagawa demanded songs with lyrics, so she decided to record orchestrated versions using Neko Saitō's arrangements, which he had previously written for her concerts.[1] Though she originally intended to make this album with Tokyo Jihen, drummer Toshiki Hata broke his leg and thus only the other band members were able to participate. Ukigumo played guitar on "Gamble" and wrote "Oiran", while Ichiyō Izawa played piano on "Gamble" and Seiji Kameda arranged "Yokushitsu".

The song "Karisome Otome (Tameikesannoh Ver.)" was recorded in September 2006.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  • #2, 3, 5, 10, and 11 are whole English lyrics.


All tracks written by Ringo Sheena, orchestrated by Neko Saitō unless otherwise noted.

1."Gyanburu (ギャンブル, Gamble)"  5:53
2."Kuki (, Stem)"  4:27
3."Sakuran (錯乱, Confusion) (TERRA ver.)"  3:49
4."Hatsukoi Shōjo (ハツコイ娼女, "firstlove" Singer)[a]" programming: Ringo Sheena4:02
5."Papaiya Mangō (パパイヤマンゴー, Papaya Mango)[b]" (cover song)Sid Wayne, Dee Libbey 3:08
6."Ishiki (意識, Consciously)"  2:41
7."Yokushitsu (浴室, Bathroom)[c]" edited by Uni Inoue4:24
8."Meisai (迷彩, Camouflage)"  3:57
9."Porutāgaisuto (ポルターガイスト, Poltergeist)"  3:00
10."Karisome Otome (カリソメ乙女, "Temporary" Virgin) (TAMEIKESANNOH ver.)"  2:49
11."Oiran (花魁, Courtesan)"Ukigumo (Japanese lyrics & music),
Ringo Sheena (English translation)
programming: Ringo Sheena5:13
12."Yume no Ato (夢のあと, Scar)[d]"  5:03
13."Kono Yo no Kagiri (この世の限り, Memory)[e]"  3:31
Total length:51:57

Vinyl record[edit]

All tracks written by Ringo Sheena, orchestrated by Neko Saitō unless otherwise noted.

Side A
1."Gyanburu (ギャンブル, Gamble)" 5:53
2."Kuki (, Stem)" 4:27
3."Sakuran (錯乱, Confusion) (TERRA ver.)" 3:49
4."Hatsukoi Shōjo (ハツコイ娼女, "firstlove" Singer)[a]"programming: Ringo Sheena4:02
Side B
1."Papaiya Mangō (パパイヤマンゴー, Papaya Mango)[b]" (cover song)Sid Wayne, Dee Libbey 3:08
2."Ishiki (意識, Consciously)"  2:41
3."Yokushitsu (浴室, Bathroom)[c]" edited by Uni Inoue4:24
4."Meisai (迷彩, Camouflage)"  3:57
5."Porutāgaisuto (ポルターガイスト, Poltergeist)"  3:00
Side C
1."Karisome Otome (カリソメ乙女, "Temporary" Virgin) (TAMEIKESANNOH ver.)"  2:49
2."Oiran (花魁, Courtesan)"Ukigumo (Japanese lyrics & music),
Ringo Sheena (English translation)
programming: Ringo Sheena5:13
3."Yume no Ato (夢のあと, Scar)[d]"  5:03
4."Kono Yo no Kagiri (この世の限り, Memory)[e]"  3:31
Side D[f]
1."Karisome Otome (カリソメ乙女, Temporary Virgin) (DEATH JAZZ ver.)" (bonus track)Soil & "Pimp" Sessions 

Credits and personnel[edit]

  • Ringo Sheena (#1-14)
  • Shiina Junpei (#13)
  • Neko Saitō
  • Komaeno Orchestra (コマエノオーケストラ, The orchestra in Komae) (#1)
  • Noraneko Orchestra (ノラネコオーケストラ, The alley cat orchestra) (#2, 6, 9)
  • Anoyono Orchestra (アノヨノオーケストラ, The orchestra of the other world) (#3)
  • Nadataru Orchestra (ナダタルオーケストラ, The well-known Orchestra) (#4, 11)
  • Matatabi Orchestra (マタタビオーケストラ, The silvervine orchestra) (#5, 7, 8, 12)
  • Karisome Orchestra (カリソメオーケストラ, The temporary orchestra) (#10)
  • Konoyono Orchestra (コノヨノオーケストラ, The orchestra of this world) (#13)
  • Ringo Sheena×SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS (#14)
  • Neko Saitō (#8)
Electric guitar
  • Ukigumo (#1)
  • Izawa Ichiyou (#1)
Drum machine
  • Ringo Sheena (#4, 11)
  • Nobuhiko Nakayama (#7)

Heisei Fūzoku Daiginjō[edit]

Heisei Fūzoku Daiginjō (平成風俗 大吟醸, Heisei Customs, Very Special brew), (English title: Japanese Manners Premium) is a video DVD album by Ringo Sheena and Neko Saitō released on April 25, 2007 by Toshiba EMI / Virgin Music.

Every song from the album Heisei Fūzoku has animated graphics by spirited designers that were inspired by the album's songs.

Heisei Fūzoku Daiginjō
平成風俗 大吟醸
Video by Ringo Sheena, Neko Saitō
Released = April 25, 2007 (2007-04-25)
Genre Jazz, Latin American music, Electronica
Length 1:13:00
Label Toshiba EMI, Virgin Music
Ringo Sheena, Neko Saitō chronology
Daiikkai Ringo-han Taikai no Moyō
(2007)Daiikkai Ringo-han Taikai no Moyō2007
Heisei Fūzoku Daiginjō
Watashi no Hatsuden
(2008)Watashi no Hatsuden2008

Track listing[edit]

Audio tracks: 96kHz/24-bit sound quality
1."Gamble" (Motion graphics) 
2."Kuki" (Motion graphics) 
3."Sakuran TERRA ver." (Motion graphics) 
4."Hatukoi Shōjo" (Motion graphics) 
5."Papaya Mango" (Motion graphics) 
6."Ishiki" (Motion graphics) 
7."Yokushitu" (Motion graphics) 
8."Meisai" (Motion graphics) 
9."Poltergeist" (Motion graphics) 
10."Karisome Otome TAMEIKESANNOH ver." (Motion graphics) 
11."Oiran" (Motion graphics) 
12."Yume no Ato" (Motion graphics) 
13."Konoyo no Kagiri" (Music video) 
14."Karisome Otome DEATH JAZZ ver." (bonus track) (Motion graphics) 
Special audio tracks: recorded in DTS 5.1-channel surround sound
1."Sakuran TERRA ver." (Motion graphics) 
2."Oiran" (Motion graphics) 
3."La salle de bain" (Motion graphics) 


  1. ^ a b The literal translation is "first love prostitute".
  2. ^ a b A cover of the Rosemary Clooney song. (original title: "Mangos").
  3. ^ a b "Yokushitsu" from Shōso Strip (2000, arranged by Seiji Kameda & Ringo Sheena, programming: Nobuhiko Nakayama) + "La salle de bain" from Ringo no Uta (2003, orchestrated by Neko Saitō)
  4. ^ a b A Tokyo Jihen song, from their first album Kyōiku. The English title was revised from "A Scar of Dreams" into "Scar".
  5. ^ a b The literal translation is "the limits of the world" or "the last chance in one's life".
  6. ^ This song is only on the vinyl version.


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