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Heisei Ultra Seven (平成ウルトラセブン?) is a Japanese tokusatsu series. The 1994 editions aired on Nippon Television and while the rest were later released direct-to-video.

The Heisei Ultra Seven series follows directly from the final episode of the original series, ignoring the M78/Showa continuity altogether and establishing Ultra Seven as the only Ultra being to have arrived on Earth in this universe.

Ultra Garrison members[edit]

1994 team[edit]

1998/1999/EVOLUTION team[edit]

  • Captain Sanshiro Shiragane, played by Koji Nanjo
  • Kazamori Masaki, played by Katsuyuki Yamazaki
  • Keisuke Shima, played by Kunio Masaoka
  • Takuma Mizuno, played by Koga Wataru
  • Hayakawa Satomi, played by Ugawa Kaoru
  • Honjou Rumi, played by Adachi Rieko
  • Kisaragi Yuki, played by Katsumura Mika (EVOLUTION only)

NTV specials (1994)[edit]

  • Ultra Seven - Operation: Solar Energy
Enemies: Pitt-seijin, Eleking
Thirty years after the final battle with Reconstructed Pandon, Ultraseven falls onto Earth after having been defeated in space. On Earth, Furuhashi is now Captain of the new Ultra Garrison while Anne has retired and now lives with her brother, who is a renowned scientist working on a 'Hyper Solar Energy' module, which the Alien Pitt want to acquire.

This episode features cameos from members of the Science Patrol from Ultraman, namely Susumu Kurobe, Hiroko Sakurai and Masanari Nihei. The actor who plays Furuhashi also played Arashi in Ultraman.

  • Ultra Seven - The Land of the Earthlings
    • Enemies: Alien Metron, Dinosaur (Kyoryu)

This episode guests stars Hiroshi Tsuburaya, grandson of Eiji Tsuburaya.

Ultra Seven 30th Anniversary Memorial Trilogy (1998)[edit]

  • Ultra Seven - The Lost Memories
  • Ultra Seven - The Eternal Earth
  • Ultra Seven - Betrayal of the Sun

The Final Chapters (1999)[edit]

  • Ultra Seven - Glory and Legend
  • Ultra Seven - The Flying Iron Colossus
  • Ultra Seven - The Day the Fruit Ripens
  • Ultra Seven - Consequences of a Promise
  • Ultra Seven - The Imitated Man
  • Ultra Seven - I Am an Earthling

Ultra Seven 35th Anniversary: EVOLUTION (2002)[edit]

  • Ultra Seven: EVOLUTION - Dark Side
  • Ultra Seven: EVOLUTION - Perfect World
  • Ultra Seven: EVOLUTION - Neverland
  • Ultra Seven: EVOLUTION - Innocent
  • Ultra Seven: EVOLUTION - Akashic Record