Heiwajima Station

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KK-08 station number.png
Heiwajima Station

Location Ōta, Tokyo
Operated by Keihin Electric Express Railway
Line(s) Main Line
Opened 1901
Previous names Sawada; Gakkō-ura (until 1961)

Heiwajima Station (平和島駅 Heiwajima-eki?) is a railway station of the Keihin Electric Express Railway located in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan.


Station layout[edit]

1, 2  Keikyū Main Line for Yokohama, Shinzushi, Uraga, Misakiguchi, Haneda Airport
3, 4  Keikyū Main Line for Shinagawa, Sengakuji

The station has two island platforms. Both platforms are on the upper level and connected by stairs, escalators and elevators to the ground level where ticket office, gates and toilets are located.[1]


The station opened on February 1, 1901 as Sawada Station (沢田駅?). Later the name was changed to Gakkō-ura Station (学校裏駅?), meaning "behind the school". The present name Heiwajima was given September 1, 1961. The platforms were moved to the elevated tracks in 1970.[1]

Around the station[edit]

To the east of the station is Heiwanomori-Kōen (平和の森公園) park.

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Keikyū Main Line
Morning Wing: Does not stop at this station
Keikyū Wing: Does not stop at this station
Airport Limited Express: Does not stop at this station
Limited Express (Kaitoku): Does not stop at this station
Aomono-yokochō   Ltd. Express (Tokkyū)   Keikyū Kamata
Tachiaigawa   Airport Express   Keikyū Kamata
Ōmorikaigan   Local   Ōmorimachi


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Coordinates: 35°34′41″N 139°44′05″E / 35.5781°N 139.7347°E / 35.5781; 139.7347