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Hejing County (Chinese: 和静县; pinyin: Héjìng Xiàn) is located in the central-southern part of the Tian Shan mountains of Xinjiang, in the North-west of Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture. Hejing County borders Ürümqi City to the north, from which it is 190km as the crow flies, and Korla City (the prefectural capital) to the south, which is 80km away. The population of Hejing County is about 190,000 as of 2010, and the county is home to 29 different ethnic groups including Mongolian, Han, Uyghur and Hui. It borders 15 cities and counties, and is the most bordered county in the world.


Hejing is served by the Southern Xinjiang Railway.

Coordinates: 42°18′59″N 86°22′58″E / 42.31639°N 86.38278°E / 42.31639; 86.38278

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