Helan, Mandi Bahauddin

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Coordinates: 32°29′23″N 73°39′21″E / 32.4896°N 73.6559°E / 32.4896; 73.6559

Helan (or Helaan) is a city and union council in Phalia Tehsil, Mandi Bahauddin District, Punjab province, Pakistan. The union council contains 10 villages (Helan, Charanwala, Burje, Kotli Qazi, Qutli, Dhingranwali, Binder Khurd, Rajoya, Saida Chak, Heger). Helan is 20 kilometers south-east of Mandi Bahauddin, 8 kilometers north-east of Phalia, 20 kilometers south of Dinga and 4 kilometers north of Mano Chak.

Helan is situated between Islamabad airport and Lahore airport. It is also in between Chenab River and Jhelum River.A famous political Ch Azmat Ullah charanwala Ex MPA &Member District Councle also belong to Uc helan village charanwala. There are two Main Canal passes besides Helan. Which are almost attached with it, one is “Phalia Branch Canal” and locally called “Choti Neher” (Small Canal). While other one is “RQ Link” locally called “Bari Neher”. Phalia Branch Canal is on East of Helan, While RQ Link is on East North of Helan Town. Early in the morning, peoples of Helan visit at the bank of the Canals.Helan Town is an old Historical Town. No one can say that how much it is old. It is older more than Mand-i-Bahauddin city and as old as Phalia. Its old buildings are constructed with small brick of 6 inch length, 4 inch wide and 1.5 inch thick. History of Helan Town is related to Alexander time (Sikander-e-Azam).

FOUNDER OF VILLAGE HELLAN: It is not confirm that who is the founder of Helan, However some Historical Incidents and research show that Sikander-e-Azam passes through this area. Sikander-e-Azam was a King. He belonged to Unaan. He fights some war in this area (Helan and Phalia). According to history he may be founder of this Town . He defeat Raja Poras at the River Jhelum (PHALIA) and return his country but he died on the way. In the past the River Jhelum passed near Sarli-e-Kalan, Phalia and Village Seria at Qadarabad road. Now there is a huge amount of sand is available

GLORIOUS HISTORICAL BUILDING: There is an old historical building besides outside the Helan Town that calls “Hanjeera”. Its walls are 8.5 feet wide. It has four open doors. kalma tayaba is written on right and left of each door. It has four Mahrab. There are stairs in it for climb up the Hanjeera, which present an amazing view in its around. It was built on 999 Hajri (432 years before). There is an underground way which goes under the Hanjeera, local people think that, that is an underground way (Srung) which open somewhere else, but in actual it is not any underground way (Srung), actually real grave of Sheik Ali Baig S/O Hussain Ali Khan Arab and his friends are there, graves that are shown in Hanjeera upward that is just show off like Mazar-e-Qaid in Karachi.

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