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Temporal range: Cambrian
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
(unranked): incertae sedis
Class: Helcionelloida
Order: Helcionelliformes
Family: Helcionellidae
Genus: Helcionella
Grabau & Shimer, 1909
  • H. bella Feng et al.
  • H. emargina Cobbold, 1919
  • H. oblonga Cobbold, 1921
  • (Incomplete list, please expand)

Helcionella is a genus of helcionellid, a fossil marine invertebrate animal that is considered to be a mollusk and may possibly be a gastropod. The shells of these animals are about a centimetre in size. The tip of the shell extends beyond the rear extremity of the shell's aperture, and the shell is "endogastric" in shape.[1]

Helcionella is the type genus of the family Helcionellidae.


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