Heldburger Unterland

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Heldburger Unterland is a Verwaltungsgemeinschaft ("collective municipality" or "community of administration" ) in the district of Hildburghausen, in Thuringia, Germany. The seat of the Verwaltungsgemeinschaft is in Bad Colberg-Heldburg.

The Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Heldburger Unterland consists of the following municipalities:

  1. Bad Colberg-Heldburg
  2. Gompertshausen
  3. Hellingen
  4. Schlechtsart
  5. Schweickershausen
  6. Straufhain
  7. Ummerstadt
  8. Westhausen

The municipality Straufhain became member of Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Heldburger Unterland on 31 December 2013 and is the largest member of the community.

Coordinates: 50°16′59″N 10°43′59″E / 50.283°N 10.733°E / 50.283; 10.733